akträume – body concepts by Markus Reck

In their new project, the Zeitgenossen present the work of the nude photographer from Freiburg, Markus Reck – an exhibition that presents more than just pictures.

The Zeitgenossen are an independent student conceptual art group that aim to portray contemporary drama and art to the public. In January and February of 2009, they will present the works of Markus Reck in the E-Werk Freiburg.

akträume, so goes the title of the exhibition, concentrates on the different bodies of work from Markus Reck. In his work, the human body is portrayed in its several unusual facets: in a conventional manner, in the public domain as well as in a conceptual sense by photographing and then duplicating human bodies within the perimeter of an open space.
aktraeume is also the name of a work group in which Markus Reck arranges nudes in front of a neutral background so that it evokes the observer’s association of a space. The nude is not in the space, the nude is the space.

The word „akträume“ is also used to describe works which address the relationship between the nude and space but in a different manner: In Markus Recks Aktornamente  parts of the human body are presented initially as symmetrical entities which then transform into the wallpaper patterns of interior decoration. However, in the so called Aktmultiples, multiple bodies are generated to create the notion of a crowded space. In some of these works, the space itself dissolves, while in other works the bodies fade, their motion increasingly blurred, into the background. The obvious use of digital post-processing in much of the work emphasizes the intentional nature of its subjective staging.

akträume is a theatrical concept encompassing many forms of photographic presentation.

akträume is supported by a diverse programme in which the themes of nakedness, the body and coyness are addressed in lectures and stage and musical performances. The assistance of a guide is also available.